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In-App Support

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Add custom In-App Support that is right for your App

community support


Free for developers to integrate into any app, community support lets users directly connect with other users around the globe to get support right within the app.

product support


Our in-app professional support experience connects users to the help they need right within the app as they are using it through audio, video and screen share, driving faster problem resolution.

developer support


Free for developers to use through testing, developer support provides insight into problems at the software level, preventing issues before production.

Customized help experiences foster community development and improve retention

Education Learning algebra from a teacher in Arizona
Sports Young chess player learning from a grand master
Commerce Live references before you buy
Enterprise Getting help from coworkers
Home How do I set this up?
Gaming How do I get past this level?
Travel Get help booking your trip
Medical Answer questions and improve patient outcomes

#1 App Challenge is Retention

74% of gamers don’t come back for a second time

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One in Four Mobile Apps Are Abandoned After a Single Use

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The average app mostly loses its entire userbase within a few months

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